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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Property Management Reviews

Here’s what our homeowners, investors, tenants, and others we serve have to say about Real Property Management Teyata. And for the infrequent dissatisfied customer, we do our best to quickly make it right.

Homeowners and Property Investors

“Great customer service. Excellent job. Very professional.”

– Irina G.

“From initial contact with the team at RPM Teyata, I have had great communication which has continued through the entire process of establishing a working relationship that I hope will extend for years to come. Communication, convivence of the process, establishing marketing information, utilization of the RPM website for documentation, interviewing and screening prospective leasers to the application approval to the finalization of establishing a long-term renter has gone perfect. I am looking forward to working with the team at RPM Teyata with future endeavors in the property management arena. Special acknowledgments need to go to Eric P. and Kellie S.”

– Glide Properties LLC

“Great communication. I was impressed with their ability to find a qualified renter in a relatively short time. Pleasant to deal with.”

– Gary R.


“Real Property Management has treated me very well! I rented a property from them for about a year and a half with no issues whatsoever. The staff are friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Unfortunately, I needed to break my lease due to personal finances, and RPM worked with me to resolve the situation in everyone’s best interest. I am very happy with how I was treated and the overall outcome of the situation. I definitely recommend Real Property Management! Thank you!”

“When I began looking at rental homes, the team at Real Property Management responded so quickly to my inquiries! The leasing agent I corresponded with was very professional and courteous to my specific needs. I wish I had contacted this management company sooner. Definitely recommend to anybody and everybody!”