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5 Tips for Organizing the Infamous Junk Drawer

Birdseye View of a Messy Junk Drawer Full of Random ItemsIf you’re like the majority of Cheney renters, a messy junk drawer or two would certainly be living somewhere in your house. Even organized people have a junk drawer filled with all sorts of stuff. However, if you begin to wonder where you placed something or there’s no more space in your junk drawer, it may be time to get it organized. The best part is that organizing your junk drawer doesn’t need to be difficult or time-consuming. What you need is a bit of preparation and some useful tips to overcome that junk drawer once and for all!

1. Empty and Sort

The first step to get your junk drawer organized is to empty it out and sort each item into piles. To be able to catch small items, put a clean towel on a flat surface to place your junk drawer items as you sort everything out. Broken things and trash should be placed in the trash, while other items you just don’t use or need can be donated to a thrift shop. Everything that you plan to keep should be sorted into piles while all the items to be organized should go back into the drawer.

2. Clean Up

When the drawer is emptied, take a moment to scrub it. If you have been collecting junk in the drawer for some time, expect to take a little bit of effort to get it totally clean. If dust or grime has pilled up in the corners, try using a toothbrush or other small bristle brush to clean those parts.

3. Put Away

With a clean drawer and your items assembled into piles, it’s time to organize. First, sort and put away articles that don’t belong in your junk drawer. To easily do so, group together objects that are the same or that belong to a specific room. For example, paper clips, rubber bands, and similar stuff can be placed with other office supplies. Writing utensils may be sorted within a pencil cup and important receipts or documents filed with your other household paperwork.

4. Create a System

For the items that you think you should keep in your junk drawer, think about creating an organizational system that will help keep it organized moving forward. For example, you could get a sectioned drawer organizer tray, some make-up or ice cube trays, or small containers with snap-on lids to keep your items orderly. You can get these items at an affordable price at discount stores or home stores just about anywhere. Just be certain to measure your drawer and the organizers carefully to ensure they fit.

5. Organize

Finally, it is now time to sort the stuff you want to keep into the trays or containers in your junk drawer. Depending on where your junk drawer is found in your house, try to only have the items that can be useful for that certain room. For example, you might have a notepad, pens or pencils, scissors, and a coupon or receipt book in the kitchen junk drawer. In the same way, junk drawers found in other rooms should only have specific, often-used items that are not helpful to keep anywhere else in the home.

A messy junk drawer can be a nuisance. But with these simple steps, you are now able to turn that junk drawer back into a neatly organized space.


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